Building With Wisdom – Why Build Now?

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Our accreditation path requires that we provide appropriate space for our students in an adequate learning environment. The church facilities, along with the modulars, have provided ample space for our growing school and enabled us to earn accreditation. However, our accrediting agency encouraged us to celebrate this milestone while also looking forward to acquiring or building facilities, specifically a multipurpose space, once enrollment reached 200 students. Our current enrollment is 220 students, so the time has come.  

Impact on the Church:

Our students, parents, faculty, and staff who use the building five days a week create a heavy flow of traffic through the building resulting in a significant amount of wear and tear on church facilities. While we are welcome guests at the church, we do not want to wear out our welcome  or continue to create an environment that costs the church in both expense and effort. A multipurpose building will give us room to accommodate growth while also lessening our daily impact on the church building.

Thriving Community: 

Most every family who comes to us expresses some sort of exhaustion related to the pace of life which is often, in part, due to the activities that come with raising children. By offering a variety of programs at the school (e.g., theater, athletics, music, dance), we cultivate an environment in which students can thrive, parents can rest, and the school can continue to serve as a hub of community life.


Growth is both an expectation for accreditation as well as a sign of life. Staying in the current facilities without expansion is not an option—for accreditation, for good working relationships with the church, and for the long-term flourishing of our school community.

Student Flourishing:

With the mission of the school at the forefront, our desire is to develop the heart, mind, and strength of every student by providing both opportunities and spaces where student flourishing is made possible. A multipurpose building will provide dedicated space for a variety of student life opportunities including theater, choir, orchestra, motor lab, and athletics. Additionally, the new building will include a new science lab, flexible classroom space, room for lunch and play, and a gathering place for numerous academic activities such as a science fair, history day, etc.