Building with Wisdom – FAQs

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Why do we need this facility?

For five years we have been privileged to make our home in borrowed space thanks to the generosity of Riverside Community Church. In the space of half a decade, we have watched in amazement as we have grown from a school of fifty-six students to 220 students. What began as a dream and vision filled every nook and cranny of the church our first year, so we added three modular classroom buildings for our second year. Year three came with another new modular, as did year four. In year five, we added a Monday-Wednesday schedule to our class rotation. As you can see, it has been quite a five years. Each new year brings new interest in our school and new opportunities…and challenges. As we look ahead to year six and beyond, we can see that it is time for Building with Wisdom.

How much money is needed to finish in a reasonable timeline?

By building on the land adjacent to the church, we can continue in our current space while also providing room for growth. We are committed to raising funds to first pay off the land and then build so that we are not burdened by debt.

One way of eating this elephant one bite at a time is for each GDA family to to contribute just $100 per month for the next two years. This approach would allow for this project to stay on a brisk timeline and does not include all other fundraisers.  

Also, the entire project does not have to be fully completed to be usable in stages. By building in stages, current families can both participate in and enjoy the benefits of our new facilities. For example, new bathrooms and play space are immediate benefits that will be installed soon. Each distinct phase will be independently usable upon completion.

We are all recipients of the work and contributions of folks who have gone before us. In fact, each of us enjoy the fruit of our original thirty-two pioneering families who took the risk and did the work of starting a school from scratch. Now, it is our turn to give as we grow.

Why now?

A flourishing school experiences personal growth in its students which leads to growth in the numbers of students. While both matter, our aim is to serve every student by developing each one as a whole person with a heart that knows how to love, with a mind committed to what is true, and with strong bodies and souls.

The philosophy of leadership is to never depend on tuition dollars to build buildings. Therefore tuition increases will be made only when needed to stay within budget for our monthly operations of the school.  Capital improvements will be the result of the Lord’s blessing and fund raising effort.  

Does Gloria Deo want be a large school with big facilities or is GDA happy to be a  small school?

Since the beginning, we have been committed to small class sizes which allow for maximum interaction and relationship with teachers. We also greatly value a small school community. Our class sizes will remain at a maximum of sixteen students per grade (with the exception of PreK-3 with a maximum of eight students and PreK-4 with a maximum of twelve students). With these class sizes as our standard, a given campus day could potentially grow to about 250 students. By having multiple campus days (Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday), we can grow while also maintaining a small close knit school community. A multipurpose facility will offer all students a more conducive learning environment.

How will a new facility impact tuition?

Tuition will not need to increase in order to fund the building. By eliminating our current lease payments on the modular buildings $3000 a month will be reallocated to the cost of operating the new building.  Tuition cost will not dramatically increase because the buildings are being paid for as we go.

What will the multipurpose facility include?

Our multipurpose building will give us an opportunity to expand all of our programs.  We will have a stage for theater and our student productions, a green room, an orchestra room, a choir room, space for additional science classrooms, conference rooms, and a permanent place for our nurses station!!  We even have a four part harmony system that was given to the school just waiting for a home.  The building will also include a gym which will be used as a cafeteria for our students to have a place to eat out of the weather and away from the BEES. It will have a kitchen and concession stand too.