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Gloria Deo Academy exists to provide a biblical, classical education equipping the whole student – heart, mind, and strength - for the glory of God.
Every child has been created by God for a great purpose.  In order for each student to reach this calling, Gloria Deo Academy encourages a collaborative effort between the family and the school.  This creates a community that cultivates learning and discipleship.  At Gloria Deo Academy, we strive to integrate faith with education to develop the child's heart, mind, and strength.
HEART Understanding that submission of one's heart to the Lord is necessary for true growth and transformation of the mind, we will foster the spiritual gifts of each child, and provide a nurturing environment in which to develop those gifts.MIND Using the classical tools of the trivium – grammar, logic, and rhetoric – we will strive to equip the child to learn at his optimal academic level for the glory of God.STRENGTH Acknowledging that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we will endeavor to create a strong foundation of developmental proficiency, which will result in the whole child being used as an instrument of God.