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Thank you for expressing interest in joining the faculty of Gloria Deo Academy.  Educating youth in a historic Christian worldview through a vigorous classical curriculum represents a high calling and a stimulating opportunity.  We encourage you to browse this web site, read some of the interesting articles, and attend an Academy Preview Meeting.  In this way, you can determine whether joining us is indeed your calling.  If it is, please apply using the application form.

Click HERE to Complete Our Online Application. The process should take about 30-45min.

Employment Resource Checklist

The following list of faculty and staff orientation materials includes books, articles, manuals and media that each faculty member is responsible fo r reading.  Faculty and staff should agree with and practice these concepts in the course of their duties.

New and continuing employees should work their way through each of these materials using them as guides for classroom instruction and collegial conversation.

The following resources should be available in the school office as accepted works of Bible interpretation.

  • The Reformation Study Bible, English Standard Version
  • The Matthew Henry Commentary on the Bible

Preferred and accepted Bible translation. All Bible memory should be from one of these three translations.

  • English Standard Version.
  • King James Version
  • New King James Version

The Seven Laws of Learning, Gregory, John Milton (ISBN# 1932168257)
Classical and Christian Education, Perrin, Christopher (ISBN# 1600510205)